Charge Air Cooler Repair and Rebuilds

Charge Air Coolers or Intercoolers help cool compressed air generated from the turbo. Whereas radiators leak coolant, CACs (Charge Air Coolers) leak air, making pin-hole leaks more difficult to find.

Charge Air Coolers should be cleaned, rebuilt or replaced any time the radiator is removed from an over the road truck. These units can and should be serviced regularly.  Our Heavy Duty staff regularly rebuilds the all-aluminum charge air coolers used on many different applications, at a significant cost savings.

We can clean and flush out CACs in case of turbo failure and check for leaks. Leaks in the CAC can cause a loss of power and decrease fuel mileage.  We offer complete rebuilds as well as minor repairs.

We also carry aftermarket replacement Charge Air Coolers in stock for quick turn around on hundreds of over the road trucks.