Diesel Emissions Repair

Rocky Mount Radiator is constantly growing and expanding services.  We now clean and repair Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) and offer regular service on newer emissions systems. 2007 and newer diesel trucks have exhaust systems designed to filter exhaust fumes that may otherwise release into the atmosphere.  We have launched Carolina Clean Diesel, the areas most advanced DPF filter cleaning service.

Some of the Diesel Emissions Service we provide are:

  • Complete DPF Cleaning Service with industry best turnaround time
  • Sensor Bung Replacement
  • Filter and Catalyst cutting and welding
  • Installation of serviceable kits on DPF exhaust assemblies
  • Cleaning of coolant and oil soaked filters
  • Aftermarket filter replacements

Visit our DPF cleaning site at CarolinaCleanDiesel.com