Unfortunately money doesn’t grow on trees and the cost of automotive repairs can seem steep at times, but are you really saving by having an individual repair your vehicle outside of a repair facility? If you ask me, the cons outweigh the pros in this instance. The constant updates and chances with automotive repair require more sophisticated methods of diagnosing and repairing, a lot of which are very expensive diagnostic tools and training. In order to properly diagnose and repair, automotive facilities like us use the most advanced methods to check, repair, and test your vehicle to make sure the repair is done correctly.  What you don’t see behind the repair is the training that all of our employees go through to make sure your job is done properly and with as few of comebacks as possible.  For instance, an evaporator replacement on newer model vehicles. Evaporators sit inside the dash components and require complete dash removal. That means every bolt, nut, small pieces of plastic and guards that hold them in all have to be removed to access this.  Over 100 small pieces and parts are removed and if not replaced correctly can cause vibrations, noises, and possible premature dash cracks and warping. Along with that comes properly vacuuming air conditioning refrigerant out of the system, installing the leaking components and recharging the system. I’m sure there are individuals who can perform this technical procedure in their spare time or from their home, but do they have the training and tools to get the job done right? And if there are problems can they stand behind it?IMAG1479 These are all great questions that we can answer on your next visit to Rocky Mount Radiator.