Truck Radiator Repairs

Truck & Equipment Radiator Repairs

At Rocky Mount Radiator we thrive on getting your truck radiator repaired as quickly and efficiently as possible. We have all the parts on hand to clean and repair your truck radiator and get your load back on the road to save you time. Here at Rocky Mount Radiator and A/C we’re known as the area’s most reliable place to take large trucks and equipment for radiator repairs and replacements.

From off road trucks and agricultural equipment, to local transit and school buses, to campers and motor homes, we have the facility and the technicians to get you back on the road with minimal down time. We stock hundreds of heavy duty radiators, and our repair staff is second to none. Whether your heavy duty unit is brass, copper, steel, aluminum, or plastic, we have the experience and the product knowledge to get you going fast.

Cleaning truck radiators regularly off of the truck ensure better cooling by allowing more airflow to pass through the fins and increase the cooling capacity of the radiator. A standard cleaning and pressure test can increase the life of your radiator and help prevent future breakdowns and problems.

We offer tank replacement, tube and fin repairs, and complete radiator rebuilds.

If you are having trouble with your truck radiator give us a call today!