Cold weather is on it’s way.  Are you prepared?

There are two important factors to consider before the fall weather gives over to winter.

  1. Do you have a proper water/antifreeze mixture?
  2. Is your thermostat working properly?

Antifreeze is essential winter protection for your engine and components.  Water expands when it freezes, so an improper antifreeze mixture can put undo stress on hoses and cause leaks.  The greatest risk to your engine by freezing is that water trapped in the engine can actually fracture the block and ruin the motor.  Our coolant specialists can test your antifreeze levels to ensure that you are protected.

A properly working thermostat is important for the winter time if you like to stay warm.  Also, if your thermostat is not allowing the car to get up to full temperature in the winter, it can cause carbon to build up in your engine and negatively impact your fuel economy.  If you suspect that your thermostat is not working properly, make an appointment to have it replaced.