A college student seeking a Master’s Degree, a doctor taking new courses on surgery technology, and an automotive technician. Seems like a stretch of comparing them, right? That’s were you stand corrected. The automotive industry is constantly changing. You’ve seem the commercials on TV with autonomous vehicles driving themselves, or with seat belt technology not allowing the car to crank until you are buckled, automatic braking and notifications, the list goes on and on. With this new technology comes newer and more difficult processes of diagnosing and repairing problems and along with that comes a smarter and more thoroughly trained staff. Here at Rocky Mount Radiator, our team members undergo a minimum of 12 hours yearly continued education, not just in Air Conditioning, but entire vehicle systems. Our team already this year has taken classes in Diesel Emissions Technology, HVAC operating system, HVAC Controls, On-Vehicle Brake Lathe Systems,  OBD2, Heavy Duty Controls and Operations, and several more. This allows us to be on the front end of the repair industry to help tackle new problems that we are seeing in our industry.

If you are looking for an automotive repair facility take into consideration how much time is spent in training. If you walk in and see multiple awards and certifications from various technicians then you know the job will done correctly and with the latest technology available. It important in our industry to provide a professional service by quality trained staff. Do your research, find out if who is working on your vehicle does any training and what their policy is on continued education.  Very soon automobiles will be equipped with programming to notify you and your repair facility when your vehicle needs service along with error messages and diagnostic reports sent from the vehicle. This information must be process and used to correctly make the repair.

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